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Do I Need A Whelping Nest? The Easiest and Safest Way To Keep Newborn Puppies Warm

A heated whelping nest offers a reliable source of heat and helps improve mortality among litters of puppies.

If you’ve undergone the whelping process (or are researching before you do), chances are you’ve considered using a heated whelping nest to help keep your puppies healthy and comfortable. Insufficient heat sources contribute to puppy mortality rates, and a whelping nest is a great way to make sure your newborn puppies are getting the best care they can.

What is a whelping nest?

As you can infer from the name, a whelping nest is used when a female dog gives birth to a litter of puppies. While whelping boxes are used to provide the mama a comfortable place to labor and take care of her puppies, a whelping nest is specifically designed to keep the newborn puppies warm.

While there are many DIY methods of providing a heat source to keep newborn puppies warm and comfortable—some more reliable than others—a whelping nest is designed specifically for puppies. High-quality whelping nests are able to offer a reliable heat source and are made of medical-grade materials. Many models also have features like automatic temperature limits to keep puppies safe and improve mortality rates.

For more information on how to whelp a litter of puppies, check out this video from Standing Stone Kennels:

Do I need a whelping nest for my puppies?

A leading cause of mortality in puppies is insufficient heat or an unreliable heat source. Keeping puppies warm and safe during their early life is critical for their health, happiness, and vitality. While it’s certainly possible to go through the whelping process without a whelping nest, it’s great to have on hand.

Keeping a whelping nest inside of the whelping den is an easy way to make sure newborn puppies have a reliable source of heat, which is essential during their early days of life.

What is the best whelping nest?

Standing Stone Kennels recommends the Lion Country Supply Heated Whelping Nest, which you can purchase from our online store. Some features of this whelping nest include antimicrobial and medical-grade material, digital thermostat and display, an automatic temperature limit to prevent overheating, a textured surface that makes it easier for puppies to navigate, and an oval design that makes it more ergonomic for mama.


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