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DD700 Dog Collar: The Best Choice for Active and Adventurous Dogs

The D.O.G. Director 700, also known as DD 700, is a remote dog training collar offered by DT Systems. It has a range of 700 yards, made possible by the MAXX-Range 360 technology, ensuring a positive FM signal reception regardless of the terrain. This collar is fully waterproof, allowing for training in any weather condition.

One of the standout features of the D.O.G. Director 700 is its quick-charge batteries, which can be easily monitored through the SmartLED light that indicates when charging is complete and how much charge is left during use. The collar also offers a Gentle Touch stimulation feature with 10 levels of Nick and Continuous stimulation, which can be adjusted with the RapiDial posi-lock selector knob.

The collar's unique "Jump" feature allows for instant adjustment to a higher or lower level of stimulation, and it can be programmed to any stimulation level from 1 to 10. Additional training options include Vibration Assist and a Beeping Tone.

Customers have praised the D.O.G. Director 700 for its effectiveness in training stubborn dogs, such as Boxers. The collar has provided peace of mind to owners with headstrong dogs who previously disregarded other training systems. With the D.O.G. Director 700, owners have reported improved obedience and a heightened sense of control over their dogs.

Best Features of the DD700:

  • Long range: The D.O.G. Director 700 has a 700 yard range, making it ideal for training dogs in large outdoor areas.

  • MAXX-Range 360 technology: This exclusive technology ensures positive FM signal reception, regardless of the terrain, ensuring reliable communication between the remote and the collar.

  • Waterproof: The collar is fully waterproof, allowing for training in any weather conditions and even underwater.

  • Quick charge batteries: The D.O.G. Director 700 features quick charge batteries that can be easily charged, and the SmartLED light indicates when charging is complete and the remaining battery life during use.

  • Gentle Touch stimulation: With 10 levels of Nick and Continuous stimulation, the collar offers a gentle and adjustable approach to training, ensuring the proper setting for your dog's unique personality.

  • User-friendly: The RapiDial posi-lock selector knob allows for easy adjustment of stimulation levels, and the one-touch "Jump" feature allows for instant adjustment to higher or lower levels of stimulation.

  • Alternative training options: The collar also offers Vibration Assist and Beeping Tone options, providing versatile training methods for different dogs and training needs.

  • Lifetime warranty: The D.O.G. Director 700 comes with a limited lifetime warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of the product's quality.


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