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The Perfect Pigeon Trap for Your Dog Training Needs

Introducing the Double Door Pigeon Trap, the perfect solution for those looking to trap pigeons for your dog training needs. This easy-to-use trap is designed to save you money by allowing you to catch your own pigeons. With two sets of bobs at each end, this trap provides a better opportunity to capture these birds successfully.

Many trainers choose to place a pigeon inside the trap to attract others, while others prefer to fasten the bobs and add feed to entice the birds to enter confidently. Once the birds charge into the trap, the bobs can be lowered to hold them securely.

Made from durable 16 gauge wire mesh, this trap is built to last. The access door is conveniently located in the middle of the top, making it easy to check the trap, refresh the bait, and collect the pigeons every couple of days.

Not only is the Double Door Pigeon Trap efficient and effective, but it also pays for itself in no time. By trapping your own pigeons, you can significantly reduce your expenses, especially if you rely on them for training purposes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your pigeon training with the Double Door Pigeon Trap from Standing Stone Supply Store.

Key Product Features:

  • Easy to use double door pigeon trap

  • Two sets of bobs at each end for increased trapping opportunities

  • Can help cut expenses by trapping your own pigeons for training

  • Made from durable 16 gauge wire mesh

  • Access door located in the middle of the top for convenience


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