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Enhance Your Dog's Performance with the Best Beeper Collar

The SPT 2420 Long Range Remote Trainer is the ultimate choice for professional trainers who demand top-notch performance. This system is equipped with a built-in (backlit) LCD screen, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly. With its exceptional features and functionality, it is no wonder that this series is highly sought after in the industry.

The SPT 2420 model is specifically designed for training a single dog and boasts an impressive range of 3.2 miles. This extensive coverage ensures that you can effectively communicate with your dog, even from a considerable distance. The trainer offers 50 levels of stimulation, including Nick, Continuous, Jump stimulations, Vibration Assist, and Vibration + Stimulation (V+S). This wide range of options allows you to tailor the training to suit your dog's needs and temperament.

Not only does this remote trainer offer a comprehensive range of features, but it also prioritizes your convenience and comfort. The backlit LCD screen ensures clear visibility, even in low-light conditions. This means you can easily monitor and adjust the settings of the trainer without any hassle.

In conclusion, the SPT 2400 Series - 2420 Long Range Remote Trainer is the go-to option for professional trainers who are in search of a reliable and versatile training tool. With its extensive range, multiple stimulation options, and user-friendly design, this trainer is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Best Features of the SPT 2420:

  • SPT 2400 Series - 2420 Long Range Remote Trainer is a top choice for professional trainers

  • It has a built-in (backlit) LCD screen for easy monitoring

  • The system has a remarkable range of 3.2 miles, allowing trainers to have control even from a distance

  • With 50 different levels, trainers can adjust the stimulation to the specific needs of the dog

  • The trainer offers various stimulation options, including Nick, Continuous, Jump stimulations

  • Vibration Assist feature helps enhance training by providing vibration cues to the dog

  • Vibration + Stimulation (V+S) feature combines vibration and stimulation for more effective training


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