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The Secret Weapon: Pigeons for Dog Training Success

Standing Stone Supply Store is proud to offer a selection of pigeons for your training needs. Young homing pigeons are perfect for developing your bird dog's skills, as they can be trained to fly back to your loft again and again. Each purchase includes young homing pigeons that are ready to be trained. Rest assured, all birds have been wormed and received their first two rounds of vaccinations for PMV and Paratyphoid. Please note that these pigeons are available for purchase within the United States only and require pre-ordering. Once you have placed your preorder, please contact Standing Stone to finalize your order. Train your bird dog effectively with our quality homing pigeons.

Why would you want to use live training pigeons to train your bird dog for hunting?

1. Realistic Simulation: Live training pigeons provide a realistic simulation of the type of birds that a hunting dog will encounter in the field. This helps the dog become familiar with the scent, appearance, and behavior of birds it will be expected to retrieve during actual hunts.

2. Scent and Tracking Practice: Live pigeons emit natural scents that can be challenging for a dog to track. Training with live pigeons helps the dog develop and refine its tracking skills, which are essential for locating game birds in the wild.

3. Steady Pointing and Retrieval: Pigeons can be used to train a bird dog to "point" or indicate the presence of game birds by freezing in a specific posture. This allows the owner to teach the dog to remain still until given a cue or command to retrieve, which is crucial for a successful hunt. 

4. Live Action Distraction: Live pigeons can flap their wings and move in ways that stuffed or stationary training aids cannot replicate. This helps the dog learn to remain focused on the target bird, even in the presence of distractions, making them more effective during hunting situations.

5. Controlled Training Environment: Training with live pigeons allows the owner to control the training environment, ensuring the safety of both the dog and the birds. This controlled setting enables gradual progression in difficulty and helps the dog build confidence in its hunting abilities.

6. Versatile Training Tool: Live pigeons can be used for training various aspects of bird dog behavior, including obedience, retrieving, and steadiness. Their versatility makes them a valuable resource for comprehensive bird dog training.

7. Game Bird Exposure: Using live pigeons can introduce a young or inexperienced bird dog to the concept of hunting without the need for a real hunting trip. This gradual introduction can help build the dog's confidence and prepare it for actual hunting experiences.

In summary, live training pigeons serve as a valuable tool in training bird dogs for hunting by providing a realistic and controlled training environment that allows dogs to develop essential skills and behaviors needed for successful bird hunting.

We are proud to offer a quality Homing Pigeon Breeding Pair, perfect for training your dog. These pigeons are trained to fly back to your loft, making them ideal for developing your bird dog's skills. With our breeding pair, you can expect to see 6 - 8 new homers per year, adding new blood to strengthen the homing genetics in your loft. Rest assured, all our birds are wormed and up to date on their vaccinations for PMV and Paratyphoid.

We also sell Feral Training Pigeons. If you're looking to train your dog, these pigeons are the perfect tool to enhance their skills. Each box contains 6 feral pigeons specially bred for dog training purposes.


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