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The Best Blank Firing Pistol for Effective Dog Training

The Alfa 209 Primer Pistol is a reliable and rugged blank pistol that is perfect for dog training and other outdoor activities. This pistol is designed to mimic the weight and feel of an actual firearm, providing a realistic training experience.  

The Alfa 209 Primer Pistol features a 6-shot swing-out cylinder, allowing for easy loading and unloading. The bright orange grips and cap on the barrel make it easy to locate if dropped in the field. Made of high-impact polymer, the grips are durable and built to last. The pistol also comes with a lanyard ring for added security.

This pistol uses .209 primers, which are readily available and affordable compared to other blanks. The double-action mechanism allows you to either cock the pistol and fire it or pull the trigger without cocking the hammer.

Please note that this product can only be shipped via FedEx to the lower 48 United States and is not eligible for delivery to California, Greater Chicago, New York City and surrounding boroughs, Washington DC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Puerto Rico.

This pistol can be purchased with or without the leather holster shown in the photo.

Key Product Advantages:

  • Reliable and rugged Alfa 209 primer pistol with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. 

  • Bright orange grips and cap on the barrel for easy visibility and safety.

  • Comes with a carrying case and cylinder cleaning brush.

  • Swing-out cylinder allows for easy loading and unloading of 6 shots.

  • Includes a lanyard ring for added security.

  • Made with high-quality materials, including a Z-MAC zinc-aluminum frame and rust-resistant blued finish.

  • Double-action trigger mechanism ensures safety and versatility.

  • Uses .209 primers, which are affordable and easily accessible locally.

  • Suitable for dog training, upland and retriever hunting, rabbit hunting, and coon hunting.

  • Gradually introduces the sound of gunfire to dogs in a safe and controlled manner.


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