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These GPS Tracking Tools Can Keep You and Your Dog Safe and Secure

Garmin Handhelds - The Alpha 300i and 300

The Alpha 300i handheld is a reliable and advanced device designed for hunters and their dogs. With a strong connection and a strong bond in mind, this handheld offers a wide range of features to enhance your hunting experience.

Featuring a vivid 3.5" touchscreen display, the Alpha 300i allows you to track and train your pack of dogs in the field with ease. The device utilizes inReach satellite communication technology, enabling you to communicate with friends and family even in areas without cell service. In case of emergencies, the device also offers SOS alerts and two-way messaging capabilities.

With the Alpha 300i, you can monitor up to 20 dogs from distances of up to 9 miles on the color touchscreen display. The handheld also includes dedicated buttons for fast training cues and command initiation, offering 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation.

The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 55 hours, and even longer when inReach technology is enabled. It also allows you to download satellite imagery via Wi-Fi technology, providing you with a better understanding of the terrain and suitable hunting locations.

Pair the Alpha 300i with the Garmin Explore app to review your entire hunt and access detailed weather reports. The handheld is also backward compatible, making it easy to pair with select T and TT series collars.

Overall, the Alpha 300i handheld is a powerful and versatile tool that will enhance your hunting experience and help you stay connected in the field.

Another option for you is the Alpha 300. The Alpha 300 handheld device is designed to enhance your hunting experience with your dogs. With a vibrant 3.5" touchscreen and user-friendly 6-button design, this device allows you to track and train your pack in the field. The user-replaceable battery lasts up to 55 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance. The device also features TOPOACTIVE MAPS and downloadable satellite imagery, allowing you to navigate and find suitable hunting areas. With the ability to monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away, as well as access critical hunt metrics and utilize training cues, the Alpha 300 handheld is a reliable and efficient tool for hunters and dog owners alike. Please note that the Alpha 300 does not include inReach® capabilities like interactive SOS and two-way messaging.

Garmin Alpha Dog Collars - The TT 25 and T 20

The Garmin Alpha TT 25 Dog Collar is your ultimate tracking and training solution for your furry companion. This rugged and universally sized collar is designed to help you build a better dog, regardless of the breed. With its advanced features, you can track your dog up to 9 miles away when paired with a compatible handheld device (sold separately).

Thanks to the top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS and Galileo receiver, you can effortlessly keep track of your dog's location. The collar transmits this information via VHF, providing updates as frequently as every 2.5 seconds. This ensures that you are always aware of your dog's whereabouts, even in the most remote locations. 

Not only does the Alpha TT 25 collar excel in tracking, but it also offers comprehensive training features. With 18 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation, along with audible tone and vibration, you can effectively train your dog to follow cues and commands. These training modes can be conveniently controlled through a compatible handheld device.

The collar's rugged and slim design fits comfortably on both large and small breeds, while the user-replaceable flex band ensures durability in any outdoor environment. Additionally, the bright LED beacon lights can be remotely activated and changed, making it easier to locate and track your dog in low-light conditions.

With dynamic tracking, the Alpha TT 25 collar optimizes battery life based on your dog's movement. However, even with extended battery life, you can always rely on the option to replace the battery packs.

Stay up to date with the latest features and enhancements through automatic software updates, which are received when the collar is charging and connected to your network via Wi-Fi technology.

For a complete tracking and training system, pair the Alpha TT 25 GPS dog collar with Garmin dog tracking handhelds, such as the Alpha 300i. Take control and ensure the safety and obedience of your four-legged friend with the Garmin Alpha TT 25 Dog Collar.

Another option is the Garmin Alpha T 20 Dog Collar, a great tracking device for your dog. With its dynamic tracking capabilities and rugged design, this collar is built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. The top-mounted GPS and Galileo receiver keep track of your dog's location and transmit it via VHF up to 9 miles away when paired with a compatible handheld. The collar is universally sized to fit both large and small breeds, and the user-replaceable flex band ensures durability. In low-light conditions, the multicolor LED beacon lights come in handy. With automatic software updates and compatibility with Garmin handhelds, the Alpha T 20 is a great for any dog owner who doesn’t need the training capabilities of the Alpha TT 25.


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