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The Perfect Dog Training Collar with Beeper Function: The RAPT 1450

The RAPT 1450 Upland Beeper is a cutting-edge training collar. This remarkable device combines all the standard features of the best-selling R.A.P.T. 1400 training collar with the addition of a beeper function, making it an ideal choice for dog owners looking to train their dogs effectively.

Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, the RAPT 1450 Upland remote dog trainer boasts a curved transmitter with a strap for multiple grip positions. This innovative design ensures comfort and ease of use. The collar itself is waterproof and rechargeable, making it suitable for all weather conditions and eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

One of the standout features of this training collar is the Rapid Access button, which allows for quick corrections. This button is also programmable, enabling users to customize the collar's functions, including the Nick, Continuous, and Beeper modes. The beeper function is particularly useful for upland training, as it provides an audible alert to help locate and track dogs in dense or challenging environments.

Designed to accommodate dogs of varying sizes, the RAPT 1450 Upland Beeper collar is suitable for small to large breeds. Moreover, the transmitter is designed to float on water, ensuring peace of mind for dog owners who enjoy water-based activities with their pets. With the RAPT 1450 Upland Beeper, dog owners can effectively train their dogs while enjoying the convenience and versatility offered by this advanced training collar.

Best Features of the RAPT 1450:

  • The collar is waterproof and rechargeable.

  • The transmitter has a curved design with a strap for multiple grip positions.

  • The Rapid Access button allows for quick corrections and is programmable for all collar functions.

  • It has three collar modes: Nick, Continuous, and Beeper modes.

  • The collar is suitable for small to large dogs.

  • The transmitter floats on water, making it convenient for outdoor activities.

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