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GUNNER Food Crate: The Best Dog Food Crate on the Market

The GUNNER Food Crate is an exceptional product for pet food storage. This American-made, patent-pending container offers an IP66 rating, implying that it's both waterproof and dust proof, efficiently protecting your pet food from moisture, UV light, and potential mold or rancidity.

Featuring airtight thermo seal technology, the food crate securely locks in odors, thus maintaining the freshness of the dry food. It provides a robust defense mechanism against pests and rodents through a draw lock design, allowing quick access for owners while deterring unwelcome intruders.

The GUNNER Food Crate comes in two sizes - the "50", which holds 50 lb. of dry food and the "30", which holds 30 lb., offering the same protective features but with a smaller footprint. Both are conveniently portable and designed for universal use.

Constructed with principles similar to GUNNER's well-known G1™ kennel series, the food crate also includes an ultra-durable angled nylon lid, a lockable latch, and elevated rubber feet, ensuring superior protection from outdoor elements, temperature variations, and UV light. This ultimately reduces the risk of food decay and bacterial contamination, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for your dog's food storage.

GUNNER's commitment to quality is further emphasized by their lifetime warranty. The Food Crate delivers extreme durability and provides a fortress-like safeguard for your pet's food against pests. It's time to #DefendDinner with a GUNNER Food Crate.

Top Features of the GUNNER Food Crate

The GUNNER Food Crate is a top-quality product. Here are some of its best features:

  • IP66 Waterproof & Dust Proof: Provides excellent protection against water, dust, and other particles.

  • Odor Proof: Ensures that food remains fresh and free from any unpleasant smells.

  • Pest, Dog & Rodent Proof: Keeps pests, dogs, and rodents away, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the stored food.

  • Portable: Easy to carry and transport wherever you need it.

  • Holds 30 or 50 lbs. of Dog Food: Ample storage space for dry dog food, allowing you to stock up for longer periods.

  • Lifetime Warranty: Offers peace of mind with a lifetime warranty on the product.

  • BPA-Free Material: Made from safe and non-toxic materials.

  • Multi-Purpose: Suitable for storing various types of food, including pet treats, bird seed, and more.


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