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Create a Comfortable and Safe Environment for Newborn Puppies with the Best Heated Welping Nest

The well-being of newborn puppies is of paramount importance. Introducing "The Whelping Nest" - a scientifically designed heating solution committed to reducing the mortality rate of pups. Losing body heat is a major cause of newborn puppy death, and this innovative tool not only ensures they stay warm but promotes their overall health.

Crafted from medical-grade material infused with an antimicrobial additive, this nest guarantees cleanliness and safety. With its digital adjustable thermostat controller and display, one can easily monitor and adjust the temperature. The unique oval shape accommodates the mother comfortably, while its 22" x 18" heated surface fits even larger breeds.

Safety is at its forefront with features like a temperature limit switch, set at 108°F, and a digital controller with a range between 50 and 100°F. The nest is chemical-resistant, water-resistant, and designed for easy cleaning, thanks to its light gray hue. The 5 ½” foot cord, housed in a nylon braided loom, ensures durability.

Installation is a breeze, with a cut-out template provided, predrilled holes for secure mounting, and its shallow 2" depth, textured for puppy grip. "The Whelping Nest" is the ultimate accessory for your whelping box, prioritizing puppy health and well-being.

Key Product Features:

Purpose: Reduces mortality by maintaining newborn puppy body temperature.

Material: Medical-grade with an antimicrobial additive.

Digital Controller: Adjustable thermostat with an internal display.

Shape: Oval design for mother's comfort.

Size: Heated area of 22” x 18”; overall 28 ½” x 24 ½”.

Safety: Temperature limit set at 108°F to prevent overheating.

Power: Uses standard 110v wall outlet.

Durability: Chemical and water-resistant, sealed with strong adhesive.

Design: 2” deep tray with textured grip for puppies.

Color: Light gray, easy to clean.

Installation: Predrilled holes and a cut-out template for easy mounting.

Cord: 5 ½” foot cord in a protective nylon braided loom.


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